Wells Quality Excavating Testimonials

April 6, 2014

My wife and I just purchased a large piece of property and needed access, tree clearing, and foundation /infrastructure work done, for the building of a new home. John's name was given to us by a friend who had used his services and was very pleased, so we gave him a call. John was very courteous on the phone as well as prompt in returning calls. He met us at our convenience, immediately understood the work we wanted done, and promptly sent a written estimate. John kept us informed of any scheduling conflicts or delays, and then performed the work on time and on cost. John has a very good sense of design and aesthetics; he suggested various ideas to make our new home more accessible and functional as well as beautiful. John is a very fast, through, courteous, and professional worker. He thoroughly cleans the work site when finished leaving it better than when he started. I will use his services in the future; as a matter of fact he is the only one I'll use. I am very pleased with the outcome of all the work he performed and will recommend him to my friends or anyone who needs quality excavation work.

James Hobbs & Janice Mark - Greenfield Center, NY

My wife and I wanted to thank Wells Quality Excavating for the outstanding work done on our landscape / hardscape project, and to recommend Wells Quality Excavating to any prospective residential and commercial customers. We had the pleasure of working with John in the summer of 2010, and what became immediately obvious to us was that John can handle an excavator better than most people can handle an ordinary shovel. John's communication skills are excellent, and we were never left wondering what was going to happen or when it was going to happen. John was flexible with scheduling around our family's needs, and would often coordinate with other sub-contractors onsite. His professionalism, commitment, work ethic, and passion for what he does are unparalleled. We referred John to several of our neighbors who were not only thrilled with his work, but speak volumes of his character. John is efficient, bright, personable, and would never compromise the quality of his work. We recommend Wells Quality Excavating to anyone who is interested in hiring a true master of his craft, and would appreciate a terrific business relationship.

Ken & Kim Clifford- Greenfield Center

I have worked with John on many projects. He has completed all of them in a timely fashion and at a competitive rate. He is an extremely qualified equipment operator, and I highly recommend him for all your excavation needs. I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Albert Powers- Branches Landscapes Inc.

Wells Quality Excavating did a great job clearing our densely forested property, turning it into a pristine rolling meadow for our new horse farm, just as we had envisioned. The job site was very clean and organized every time we visited, and we were surprised that the work continued during an extremely snowy and bitter cold winter. Highly recommended.

Lisa & Ron Kalvaitis- Providence

After years of following Johns' excavation with our foundations I can tell you he is by far one of the best. All grades are exact. When you drive into a Wells Excavating site everything is neat and ready to go. We judge a lot of excavation by John's standards.

Jeff Arnold- Jeff Arnold Concrete (30 Yrs foundations)

John is an artist, there is no other way to describe him. We had a rough hillside covered with sumac and boulders. He used his chainsaw and excavator to create a beautifully landscaped exercise ring for our dogs, sitting on top of the knoll with trimmed trees for shade and gentle slopes all around. It's gorgeous, looks like a manicured park in Saratoga!

Stephanie Todd, DVM- Harmony Veterinary Clinic

John excavated our old and very long asphalt and concrete driveway and prepped it for new asphalt. What sticks with me most is the memory of watching him take his excavator and use it like a chisel, cutting between the apron of the drive and our stone porch. He discusses everything ahead of time and gets work done quickly and accurately. What a great job!

Keith Payton - West Charlton

Wells Quality Excavating is exactly what the name says, quality! Our pond is gorgeous and the fire pit built from onsite rocks is amazing. Work was done quickly (in a weekend) and the pond weathered flood conditions last summer without any problems. Thank you!

Rebecca Baker - Greenfield Center

When we left for a short vacation, we had a basement that had flooded several times and a sump pump that ran constantly in the spring. When we returned, Wells Quality Excavating had completely solved the problem and since then our basement has been dry and the sump pump has NEVER turned on again- and it has been years! I cannot recommend this company and its owner highly enough- incredible professionalism, value, and service.

Raymond Brown - Greenfield Center